The New Guys

I was thinking we should formally introduce the newest member of Johnson Outdoor Adventures and the Wild Card. We did some research and have come up with a bit of background on “Little Jeromy” and "Oarman David". Hope the following will be of interest.

Jeromy Raycheck

Jeromy’s dad, Tom, tells us: “Jeromy was about two years old. It was in Florida while we were on vacation. We camped on the Withlacooche River. I took Jeromy down to the dock were he caught his first fish. It was a 6 inch brim. All he could say was “OHA, OHA, OHA, OHA!” while reeling it in. We then went back to show his mother what he had accomplished and he has been hooked on fishing ever since.”

NINE-YEAR-OLD Jeromy Raycheck earned his credentials as a big bass buster during a recent outing at Leesville with his dad Thomas Raycheck. Jeromy single-handedly hooked and boated a 5-pound, 20-inch lunker which hit a plastic worm.

The Raycheck men and mother, Jacklyn, were camping at Leesville’s Clow’s Marina on the impoundments’ south fork over the holiday week. Mom Raycheck said her husband caught a 16-pound muskie and several 2-to-3 pound largemouths. Jeromy will be a fifth grader at Walker Elementary.

Tom elaborates on the newspaper article: “21 inches long, the bass hit when he cast his plastic worm to the edge of a weed bed. His line began to move sideways when he set the hook. The fish jumped and fought hard. Jeromy had his hands full. After landing it we put the lunker into the live well. Jeromy sat on the lid and would not move, afraid the fish would jump out. (Editor note: does this sound like a Mishi Nahma story, or what!). He then begged me to take him back to camp to show his mother. Jeromy and his big bass were the talk of the whole camp ground. Afraid that everyone would find out what lure Jeromy used, a fishing story was made up. He told all those who asked that he used a Jitterbug to catch it. The truth came out when the article was out in the newspaper that he really used a plastic worm. The color has not been revealed.”

The Wild Card

You have all heard that this year we are able to add a Wild Card slot to our JOA fishing adventure. This year we jumped the gun a little and have invited David Leanio, Darren's Brother-in-law and Dave's son to join us. As you can see, from the picture below that, David is a natural, especially if one of the engines conks out!!!

David Leanio

"David's always been the kind of guy who keeps both oars in the water."