The Johnson Family

Tew Lake Expedition 1997

Treasure Hunt Clues

Clue #1 (Found on the table in the cabin.)

The clues are in the Prose,

And surely in the green,

In a place under your nose,

On a side you've never seen.


"It doesn't get any better than this."

Clue #2 (Located on the back side of the out house.)

Aft or stern they may be,

Over, Under, you can not see,

For all four was used Red Green duck,

You'll find them if you have some luck.


Clues #3, #4, #5, #6 (One in each of four boats taped under a seat.)


Clue #7 (Found on the table in the cabin.)

From A to Z you can go,

Two ways to fly, as does the crow.

Along one line the isle you'll see,

Unnamed as yet, but near EEBEE.

With this and the four and one more clue,

You will be ready to find the treasure at the Tew.


Extra Clue: (Found on the table in the cabin.)

For you slowpokes, you have to stop sitting on your clues.


Clue #8 (Found on the table in the cabin.)

Some think Doctor, some think wailing, some think Pink -

At eye level, in arms way, your next clue is waiting -

Clue #9 (On a ledge on Pink Floyd - The Wall.)

You may have the four but you need one more

The Beaver's work was done for you - the logs are

On a rock, don't move them, they point across the way

(Or 170 degrees from the high & dry rock.)


Clue #10 (Located in the fire pit on the South shore.)

You are Hot now. Just one more riddle to solve to

Superman's palace it is not, but made by ice.

Batman's home it is not, but just as dark.

Inside it is dry and very nice,

A place to hide not made of bark.

The trapper could see it from his point of view,

The isle, before today unnamed, a return

I declare the place Treasure Island.


Frank W. Johnson